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CtrlServers - Service Level Agreements (SLA)

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Our SLA provides additional priority assurances, above our normal inclusive Best Effort guarantee. Selecting a SLA gives you access to our certified, experienced technicians at any time of the day or night, weekend or holiday, depending on the terms of your SLA, at a fixed monthly price, to meet all your server critical support requirements.

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Best Effort SLA

All our servers are provisioned complete with our "Best Effort" SLA, at no additional charge for replacement of failed hardware, including parts and labor to return the provisioned hardware to its original installed setup. Service is provided based on your position in the support queue.
The "Best Effort" SLA provides servers with OS support up to root access. This means our tech will reset the root password, reinstall the original OS, repair the bootloader, or correct network stack issues to restore connectivity, without additional charge. Any services beyond this basket of services is charged at a fixed rate per quarter hour, for the support time necessary to complete the requested task, based on the time of day (night, weekend, holiday are at higher cost).

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