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100tb server

CtrlServers Present - Romania Servers with Maximum Performance

Dedicated Server in Romania hosted in the data-center Voxility at Bucharest, Romania (RO).
Voxility provides wholesale bandwidth and rents hardware to global hosting providers and large websites owners. They are operating an European-wide ultra-fast network >100Gbps, and interconnected datacenters in Frankfurt, Bucharest and Amsterdam hosting thousands of 1Gbps connected servers. more...

Hardware customization is possible with all Romania dedicated servers. provides wide range of hardware's it start from Single Intel / AMD processor to Dual Quad Core processors, 250Gb to 24Tb storage (Hard Disk), 4Gb to 128Gb RAM servers with 5Tb to unmetered bandwidth on 100mbit dedicated line to 10gbit dedicated line. Feel free to contact us for further pricing.

Each dedicated server is connected to our optimized premium network to provide low latency on a fully redundant infrastructure. In addition every server comes with "Best Effort" SLA to assist with hardware and network related issues.

Following Offshore Dedicated Servers in Romania have been structured to serve a wide range of customer needs.

Romania Servers
Server CPU RAM Hard Drive Bandwidth Monthly Order
RO - i7 2600/8G Intel i7 2600 8 GB 2x 500 GB SATA 250 Mbps Unmetered (Best Effort) € 159.00
Romania Backup / Storage Servers
Server CPU RAM Hard Drive Bandwidth Monthly Order

Upgrade Options

Additional 8GB to 128 GB RAM

Contact Us

Additional SATA2, SAS or SSD HDD

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Software / Hardware RAID


Softwares Monthly

€ 9


€ 29

Windows 2008 STD

€ 25

Plesk 11 / 12 - 10 Domains (Win)

€ 11

IP Addresses Monthly
1 IP


4 IPs

€ 12

15 IPs

€ 45

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